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About CITO Research

We founded CITO Research to help CIOs and CTOs become better leaders.

CITO Research exists for three important reasons:

  • To help CIOs and CTOs optimize the present and build the future
  • To provide examples of how to deploy IT effectively so you can be a better organizational leader and innovator
  • To promote a dialogue between practitioners by sharing success stories and lessons learned

Take a few minutes to look around and find stories that talk about the challenges that you may be facing. Not just technology challenges, but also organizational change, managing up, managing down, and charting a course forward in your career.

Of course, we write about technology, but our focus is the real-world, practical context, not just the functionality. We want to show how CIOs and CTOs can use technology to improve their organizations.

CITO Research IT Consulting

Dan Woods, CTO and Editor of CITO Research, and other CITO Research contributing analysts offer IT consulting services to help CIOs, CTOs, and other IT professionals accomplish various tasks using an approach inspired by research and content creation methods.

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We invite you to add your story as well. Please contact us if you would like to be interviewed and featured in a story on our site.

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